How To Choose Indian Wedding Invitations

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If you’re going to be hosting an Indian wedding in the near future, your first concern is to choose appropriate Indian wedding invitations. But, this is a tricky job. After all, Indian wedding invitations are rich and luxurious and emanate pomp, splendor and luxury. But you want to send out invitations that look stunning without busting your budget. So, how what’s the secret?

Indian Wedding Invitation Card

Here are a few tips to help you choose Indian wedding invitations:

Budget: The first thing to do is to set your budget. It is possible to find Indian wedding invitations that suit all kinds of budget. So, whether you want expensive or affordable, there’s something for everyone.

Colors: Typically, Indian wedding invitations are colorful and spectacular – with lots of reds, gold, saffron and green in them. These vibrant colors symbolize the love, passion and energy that characterize the wedding. Therefore, if you want a traditional wedding invite, it is only natural to select one of the more traditional colors.

Designs: Designs play an important part in Indian wedding invitations. Through the use of delicate patterns and motifs, wedding invites are made to look highly decorative and traditional too. Typically, most wedding cards use traditional motifs and designs. Sometimes, religious motifs dominate. Therefore, it is necessary to decide beforehand whether the card is to be religious, traditional or modern.

Decorations: In addition to the use of rich colors and patterns, Indian wedding invitations also make use of fake stones, golden threads, mirrors and other materials to add to the glitz and beauty of the card. In fact, if you have sufficient spending money, it is possible to buy Indian wedding invitations that can steal your breath away! However, additional weight could be a problem if the cards have to be sent by mail.

Deity: Typically, Indian wedding invitations have the picture of a deity. This is done for two purposes: first, to give a sense of identity to invitees and second, to invoke the blessings of the deity. The most common deity is the ‘Ganesha’, who is the God of good fortune.

Size and print: It is important to take care of the factors such as size of the card, print area and so on. A small wedding invite with too much information is undesirable.

Font: It is important to choose the color and type of font used in the invites. Highly ornate fonts may look attractive and traditional but they may not be so readable. It is important to choose a font that looks good and is easily readable. Contrast in colors between the face of the card and the print is an excellent idea as this has an immense impact on the beauty and readability of the card.

Stationary: Finally, it is important to choose high quality stationary as this is the most important characteristic of a great looking wedding card. Since wedding cards are generally put in an envelope, it is necessary to choose envelopes that match the card in color, design and print.

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By keeping the above factors in mind, it is possible to choose Indian wedding invitations that look traditional yet extremely stylish.



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