Auspicious Hindu Marriage (Shubh Vivah Muhurat) Dates in 2012

Hindus refer to the “Panchangam” or “Panchang” for auspicious dates (“Shubh Vivaah Muhurat” or “Shubh Lagan Muhurat”) for Hindu marriages. Mentioned below are the “Shubh Vivah Muhurats” for 2012 and 2013. Click on this link for “Auspicious Hindu Marriage Dates in 2013 – 2014”   JANUARY – 2012: Shubh Vivah […….Read The Entire Article…]

Steve Jobs And Laurene Powell Jobs Married In a Zen Buddhist Ceremony

STEVE JOBS AND BUDDHISM A lot has been written about Steve Jobs’ Buddhist faith. When he was a teenager, Steve Jobs’ spiritual quests took him to India along with Daniel Kottke (who was the first employee at Apple). There was a phase when Jobs seriously considered becoming a Buddhist monk. […….Read The Entire Article…]

Hindu Wedding Saptapadi (Seven Steps, Seven Pheras, Saat Phera, Saat Vachan, Seven Vows, Mangal Pheras)

Hindu Wedding Saptapadi – Seven Steps – Seven Pheras – Saat Phera – Saat Vachan – Seven Vows – Mangal Pheras Saptapadi (or Seven Phera or Saat Phera or Seven Steps or Seven Vows or Saat Vachan or Mangal Pheras) is the most important ceremony in a Hindu wedding. The […….Read The Entire Article…]

Gautam Gambhir To Wed Natasha Jain On October 28 Photos

Indian cricket star Gautam Gambhir will marry Natasha Jain on October 28. Gautum Gambhir will wed Natasha Jain at Gurgaon. The left hand opening batsman has requested the Indian cricket board to excuse him from the Oct 29 T20 match. Gautam is one of the nicest cricketers in the Indian team. […….Read The Entire Article…]

Zodiac and Astrology – Zodiac Sun Sign Compatibility for Marriage

Love and marriage compatibility between the 12 Zodiac signs (“Rashi”) is listed below.   ARIES (MESA RASHI):  Marriage Match with Other Zodiac Sun Signs Aries Marriage Compatibility with other Zodiac Sun Signs (Rashi) ARIES ARIES NEUTRAL ARIES TAURUS NEUTRAL ARIES GEMINI GOOD ARIES CANCER NEUTRAL – DIFFICULT ARIES LEO GOOD […….Read The Entire Article…]

Hindu Bengali Wedding Ceremonies, Customs and Rituals

There are said to be 1001 marriage rituals in a typical Hindu Bengali wedding. Listed below are the main Hindu Bengali wedding ceremonies, customs and rituals. These have been classified as pre-marriage, marriage and post-marriage. Pre-Marriage Bengali Wedding Customs and Rituals Patri Patra: Hinduism does not allow marriage between bride and […….Read The Entire Article…]

Hindu Sindhi Wedding – Ceremonies, Customs and Rituals

The Indus river that flows from the Indian Himalayas to Pakistan was also called the Sindhu. The area around the Indus which is South of Punjab and north of the Arabian Sea is Sindh and the people from this area are called Sindhis. After partition, Hindu Sindhis spread to all […….Read The Entire Article…]

Concept of Gotra in Hindu Weddings

By Ankush Singhal   Gotra is a concept of patrilineal classification, which identifies the families of a caste. The weddings in India are fixed as per the Gothra of the bride and groom. Gotra matching is one of the most important concerns in Hindu matrimony. Wedding in similar Gotra is […….Read The Entire Article…]

Basic Elements of the Christian Matrimony

There are some of the important elements of a Christian matrimonial, which keep a very important place in arranging a wedding. Such elements require a lot of time and resources to have an immemorial outcome, these basic elements in a Christian matrimony are: 1. Engagement Ring: The engagement ring signifies […….Read The Entire Article…]

Assamese Cuisine in Weddings

Assam has a multiethnic tradition with a mix of many cultures. Although the official language of the state is Assamese, but 45 different languages and dialects are spoken by different communities residing in Assam. Assamese culture is a rich amalgamation of ethnic practices and beliefs. The impact of diverse cultures […….Read The Entire Article…]