Indian Wedding Jewelry Trends – 2012

Indian Wedding Jewelry Trends – 2012 In 2012, sparkling Diamond Jewelry will be the predominant trend for Indian weddings. Reasons For Popularity Of Diamond Jewelry Some reasons for the enhanced popularity of diamond jewelry are: Indian jewelry brands (Tanishq, Gitanjali, Nirvana, Nakshatra, etc) have matured in the last 5 years. […….Read The Entire Article…]

Chaturmas and Hari Shayani Ekadashi – No Hindu Marriage Dates and Shubh Vivah Muhurat Dates

    “Hari Shayani Ekadashi” (or “Ashad sud ekadashi”) is the 11th day of the fourth month (“Ashadha”) of the Hindu lunar calendar. It is the start of Chaturmas (or Chaturmasa), which literally means 4 months. Chaturmas extends from July to October (sometimes early November). Chaturmas ends on “Kartik sud […….Read The Entire Article…]

Wedding Pictures And Wedding Announcement In The New York Times

    Display your Wedding Pictures and Wedding Announcement in the world’s leading paper – The New York Times. What’s more, announce your marriage in The New York Times absolutely FREE.   The New York Times offers this service free of charge to its New York based readers. The New […….Read The Entire Article…]

Sehra For Indian Grooms

      Sehra Worn By Indian Grooms A Sehra is decorative veil worn by an Indian groom. It consists of an embroidered rectangular piece with strings that make up the veil. The stringed veil can be either made of flowers or beads. The Sehra is tied over the groom’s […….Read The Entire Article…]

Lord Ganesha on Hindu Wedding Invitation Cards

    Lord Ganesha (also refered to as Ganpati, Ganesh, Ganesa, Vinayaka, Pillaiyar, Vigneshvara, Ekadanta, Ashtavinayak, Pille) is one of India’s most popular Gods. He is not just popular among Hindus, but also among Buddhists and Jains. US president Barack Obama carries a small Ganesha with him for good luck. […….Read The Entire Article…]

Indian Wedding Customs – Eastern and Western Indian Wedding Traditions

    Indian Wedding Customs – Eastern and Western Indian Wedding Traditions By D K Mukherjee. There is no such thing as a typical Indian wedding. Surprised? That’s because in this land of diverse languages and traditions, wedding customs are equally varied. Here’s a look at how people residing in […….Read The Entire Article…]

Wedding Customs Around the World – North and South Indian Weddings

    Wedding Customs Around the World – North and South Indian Weddings By D K Mukherjee. Indian weddings are easily among the most colourful, elaborate and lively in the world. Unlike the West, where it is the bride and the groom that are the prominent characters, in an India […….Read The Entire Article…]

Indian Wedding Dresses

      Weddings in India are an elaborate affair and are celebrated with great fervor and enthusiasm. The high magnitude of Indian marriages brings glory to families and is remembered for decades to come. Attention is thus paid to minute details of the wedding from venue to catering to decorations […….Read The Entire Article…]

Indian Gold – India The Largest Consumer Of Gold

Indian Gold Jewellry and Indian gold in general has a special place in the Indian psyche. No other country has a similar fascination for Gold Jewelry, especially Indian Bridal Gold Jewelry.       India has historically been one of the largest consumers of gold; especially gold jewelry. In recent […….Read The Entire Article…]

Indian Olympic Boxing Champ Vijender Singh Marries Archana

On March 17, Indian Olympic Boxing Champ Vijender Singh wed Archana. Delhi girl Archana Singh is a software engineer who works with the British High Commission.   Vijender, who boxes in the 75kg category, did India proud by winning a bronze medal at the 2008 Olympics.   Although Vijender Singh […….Read The Entire Article…]