Basic Elements of the Christian Matrimony

Indian Christian Matrimony - Typical Indian Christian Marriage

There are some of the important elements of a Christian matrimonial, which keep a very important place in arranging a wedding. Such elements require a lot of time and resources to have an immemorial outcome, these basic elements in a Christian matrimony are:

1. Engagement Ring:

The engagement ring signifies that the wedding is fixed. A woman wears her engagement ring in the ring finger of the left hand, while the man wears the ring in the ring finger of the right hand.


2. Wedding Ring:

The most popular type of a wedding ring is generally gold or platinum, which may or may not be studded with stones. It symbolizes the endurance of love, “till death do us part.” The wedding rings keeps an important place in theChristian Matrimony, which represents eternity, cycle of life, eternal love, and represents the presence of God. The exchange of rings is a covenant between two people who are united by love.

3. White dress of the bride:

White symbolizes purity and chastity. However, off white and pink in light hues are also popular shades among brides, but white has its own place as it represents God, the Holy Spirit. Indian Christian brides also wear the traditional Indian wedding saree.


4. Veil:

It is optional and is an important accessory for the brides. There are brides who love to wear the veil, and it symbolizes “Coverage of the Holy Spirit”.


5. Bouquet:

The bride holds a bouquet of flowers in her hands, which mainly contains orchids, roses, carnations and other assorted flowers having a mild fragrance.


6. Bachelorette and Bachelor party:

The bride and groom to be, celebrate their wedding with the close friends, share jokes, dance, and enjoy food and drinks. The bachelorette and bachelor parties signify the start of a new life for both the bride and groom to be.


7. Wedding witnesses:

There is importance of witnesses or legal signatories in a Christian matrimony, for the legalization of the wedding.


8. Decoration of the church:

The church is beautifully decorated with flowers, to create a pure and soothing wedding environment for the Christian matrimonial.


9. Entry of the bride:

The bride walks in the church with her best man and bridesmaids. The bridesmaids are also dressed like brides and they also carry flower bouquets with them.


10. The Pledge and the Wedding Vows:

The bride and groom exchange the wedding vows, and promise each other that they will lead the life together and will share every happiness and sorrow with each other. The bride and groom are permitted to speak their own vows rather than repeating the usual vows.


11. The cake:

Sponsors make the arrangement of the wedding cake, the first piece of which is eaten by the bride and groom. In some weddings, small boxes of cakes are also gifted.


12. The Wedding Toast:

The hosts invite every guest to raise a toast for the happiness of the couple, where everyone celebrates their happiness.


13. Gifts:

The guests usually present the gifts to the bride and groom which they need in their new home, along with their best wishes. The groom gifts his family members and close friends with a small token of love, which generally includes rings, chocolates, brownies, ceramics, etc.


14. Dance at the reception:

The family members dance with the bride and groom in the Christian matrimonial. The dance signifies celebration of the happiness and entry of the new bride in the family.


15. The Honeymoon:

The couple selects a beautiful place to spend the first days of their married life, such as sea beaches, hills or any mesmerizing place. The couple shares their best time together and cherishes the memories that remain in their hearts forever.



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