Documents And Process For Marriage Registration In India

TABLE OF CONTENT Indian Marriage Registration Law Documents for Marriage Registration Process for Registering Marriage Offices for Marriage Registration Advantages of Registering Marriage         Indian Law for Marriage Registration ALL INDIAN MARRIAGES HAVE TO BE REGISTERED. In 2013, the Indian Parliament amended…

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Same Sex Marriages

Netherlands was the first country to recognize same sex marriages in 2001. Countries where same sex marriages are legal are - Netherlands (2001) - Belgium (2003) - Spain (2005) - Canada (2005) - South Africa (2006) - Norway (2009) - Sweden (2009) - Portugal (2010) -…

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Indian Marriage Laws

Indian Marriage Laws (for details on each of India's 5 marriage laws, please click on the name of the Marriage Act mentioned below).   India is the birth place of major world religions of Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Jainism. Over the centuries, people of different…

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