Documents And Process For Marriage Registration In India

TABLE OF CONTENT Indian Marriage Registration Law Documents for Marriage Registration Process for Registering Marriage Offices for Marriage Registration Advantages of Registering Marriage         Indian Law for Marriage Registration ALL INDIAN MARRIAGES HAVE TO BE REGISTERED. In 2013, the Indian Parliament amended…

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Indian Marriage Survey Findings

In May, 2011, India’s largest Matrimonial website, “”, published the results of a huge marriage based survey that they conducted with research agency IMRB. The Indian marriage survey was based on the opinions of around 150,000 users of the site in 300 Indian cities and…

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8 Types of Hindu Marriages According to Manusmriti

According to "Manusmriti" ("Laws of Manu"), there are 8 types of Hindu marriages. Lord Brahma, the Hindu God of Creation, is the father of "Manu" (Swyambhuvana Manu). "Manu" is considered the father of all mankind, and all humans are descendants of "Manu". "Manu" is the equivalent of…

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Hindu Bengali Wedding Ceremonies, Customs and Rituals

There are said to be 1001 marriage rituals in a typical Hindu Bengali wedding. Listed below are the main Hindu Bengali wedding ceremonies, customs and rituals. These have been classified as pre-marriage, marriage and post-marriage. Pre-Marriage Bengali Wedding Customs and Rituals Patri Patra: Hinduism does not…

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